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May 15, 2024

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  1. Guest Gilby Clarke Checking in about a Movie Short from #ThnkLab Called “Origins” which Premieres this Saturday on YouTube. We’ll find out what it’s about and let you know how to see it.
  2. Another VS. Poll – This week it’s Jon VS Richie who have both released New Music in Recent Weeks in light of the #BonJovi Doc on Hulu.

    Vote now: www.drummertroy.com/poll


  3. Another Metal Babe Mayhem #MBM #MetalBabeMinute from Alison Masson as well as the #Lemmy Celebration Road Report from a couple of weeks ago.

    The Metal Babe Minute is brought to you by Metal Babe Mayhem.  #TTTO is bringing you a 20% discount code, and a chance at a free gift, if your order is selected.

  4. ELVIS is going against AI in Tennessee, Tune In To hear about the new Law in the Holy City for Music. Will other states follow suit? 

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