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It’s official- the #ThisThatTheOther Show is back on the Air in March!

Wednesday’s Live 2pm PST/5EST
Friday Replays

Thanks to Dirty Radio Classics on the Dirty Radio Network for bringing all new #Live shows back to the air… (👍🏻 those pages!)

We are working on all new guests for the inaugural show…

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We will be doing some rogue runs & I’ll be taking over the airwaves occasionally before hand- stay tuned for those announcements!

Thanks to Daryl James & Bob Gates for having me aboard!

These guys are legends in the FM radio market that I listened to back in the day when I’d get their signals traveling LA to Vegas-

Super stoked and we already have great guests and “stuff” lined up for ya..

#DirtyRadioFM #TheAppThatRocks
✌🏻 TPF

Read the article (here), listen to the interview and then judge for yourself.

01/24/20 – Whoa… another #BrandNew #ThisThatTheOther Radio Show- we follow up on the #DamonKelly of Love N Revenge Interview from Jan 2 with his Tour Manager/Soundman James Shaffer …
James Listened to the interview and was compelled to give me some time to correct many of the statements Damon Kelly made.

Damon has also since texted me wanting to do yet another interview- to inform me that the folks who he owes monies to has now “cost me a monsoon more than money”…
Stay tuned for that, but for now, check out James Shaffer and his side of this very twisted story of the Rock Star Con Artist, or did he just get in over his head…. ? You decide, on THIS THAT and THE OTHER


June 19, 2019: Metal Sludge article (post-interview)

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