March 25, 2020: Mayor Hillary Schieve and Mister Xristian Simon

Don’t forget, #MinisterOfSinister, #KingOfSting & #FoundingFather of the Virus Social Distance Group Mister Xristian Simon joins us on #ThisThatTheOther Weds Mar 25 between 2-5pm PST (5pm Eastern).

We are going to chat about the massive success of the #VSDG (Nearly 5K!), and what this group has done in the day and age of #Covid19 #Coronavirus … and the latest Haps with Faster Pussycat while all bands and artists are #lockeddown with the rest of the world.

After that, we have Mayor Hillary Schieve, the #MayorOfReno, as she’ll be giving us the inside scoop on what local governments are doing in cooperation, and perhaps dissociation with Federal Guidelines, her thoughts on the President’s goal of normalcy around Easter..and of course her favorite 80’s bands… as the Mayor is an old school rocker!